IPL Bowling Review 2 – Performance Rating

In order to further review the performances of the bowlers in the 2017 IPL i have came up with a metric that takes various information such as number of wickets, strike rate, noumber of boundries conceded, dot balls. All things that are crucial to reviewing a bowler perfromance in the IPL.

bowler performance

The graph shows the top 43 bowlers in the 2017 IPL and there performance rating based on the factors already mentioned. Pawan Negi based on this metric was the best performing bowler which is surprising as 10 players took more wickets then him. However he was economical and bowled significantly less balls then the bowlers who took more wickets then him. This is why a metric like this is helpful as it helps you look past the wickets taken. At the other end of the scale is James Falkner who seems to have performed significantly worse then the next bowler. This seems to be down to low amount of wickets taken and high economy rate. Now this could be because of when he was bowling for instance if hes bowling in the powerplay for most of his overs.


The plot above is the same plot however i have coloured the plot in order to show which team the bowler belongs too. There seems to be no big trend however the winners of the competition Mumbai have the most bowlers in the top 15 with 4.


The graph above i have now coloured the columns by the type of bowler. Nothing particularly stands out here. Overall this is a first attempt at reviewing the performance ratios. What would further develop this is maybe a look at this against there value in the auction. I think this can also be developed game by game and for batsmen as well.

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