Goalkeeper Usage in the Championship

In this post I wanted to have a look at how much goalkeepers are used in football. There’s a lot of talk about how goalkeepers are used in modern football particularly due to Pep Guardiola wanting a goalkeeper that can help play out the back. In order to do this i looked at the Championship in England. Mainly because my team is in that league.


team gk usage

I took each teams total touches per match and the number of goalkeeper touches. I then calculated the percentage of touches for the goal keeper. The results for the Championship are in the table. What is immediately apparent to me that goalkeeper usage is probably not just tactical way of playing but also influenced by how good the team as a whole is. Teams not comfortable on the ball are more likely to use the goalkeeper to knock the ball long. Wolves have signed players all comfortable on the ball which has meant the goalkeeper has been used less. Also goalkeeper usage is influenced by the number of goal kicks. this could be removed from future analysis as this could effect the results that are seen.

The graph below shows how the number of points a team accumulated over the first 11 games is related to the % of touches the goal keeper had. There seems to be a fairly weak correlation with the number of points a team has however it will be interesting to see how this develops as the season goes on.


I am going to further review other positions touches for the teams in the championship. Possibly look at centre backs and where they touch it and full backs.


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