IPL – Chennai Super Kings

Welcome to the first of my preview posts for this years IPL. In these posts I intend to review each squad of the 8 teams one by one in order to attempt to dissect each teams strength and weaknesses and finally decide which are the better squads. The first squad is going to be Chennai Super Kings. The kings are returning back to the IPL after 2 seasons which they were banned. Chennai have won the IPL twice in 2010 and 11 and have their talisman captain MS Dhoni back for this season.

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The initial squad view is above. The big thing that stands out for Chennai is they have by far the most experienced squad in the IPL and the oldest squad. This will be interesting way to view their performances does age and experience help in the IPL.

Below you can see an overview of how the Chennai squad is made up with less batsmensquad make upn and all rounders then the league average but more Fast and Spin bowlers. This could be at strategy to ensure the team takes enough wickets in order to win matches. Knowing you have one of the best twenty20 batsmen in MS Dhoni means you can afford to carry less batsmen. treemap chennai

Now you can see the breakdown of the squad by type of player based on their value in the IPL auction. The main thing that stands out is that despite lower numbers batsmen and all rounders most of the budget has been spent on batsmen, all rounders and a wicket keeper. Will this mean that despite there high numbers will the bowling attack be the week link for Chennai?


Above is a summary of the Chennai Super King batsmen with the twenty 20 average plotted against the strike rate. The Chennai batsmen and wicket keepers seem to be well balanced.

All Rounders

The plot above shows all the all rounders in the IPL 2018 with the all rounds on the Chennai roster in blue. The size of the dots represent the rank of the economy rate for all the players. The smaller the dot the lower the economy rate rank. As you can see three of the all rounders in the squad are pretty average there not particularly batting or bowling all rounders. The key player in this department is undoubtedly Shane Watson who in twenty 20 games looks to be skilful with the bat and ball.

Finally you can see a look at the bowlers plotting there twenty 20 economy rate against

csk bowl

their twenty 20 bowling average. Whats impressive about this is the high amount of bowlers in the bottom left part of the graph despite what on the face of it looks like a low amount of money spent. This should mean that the Chennai attack is able to both take wickets and restrict opposition teams.

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