IPL Preview- Delhi Daredevils

Hello and welcome to the second of my previews of this years IPL. If you didnt catch my first one on the Chennai super kings please go check it out let me know what you think. Today’s preview is focusing on the Delhi Daredevils. The Delhi daredevils were one of the founding members of the IPL however they have been less then successful. They have never won the competition and in the last 5 editions of the competition have never got any further than the league stage.


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Delhi have the second largest roster in the competition which is one of the youngest squads and consequently one of the least experienced. Their captain Gautam Ghambir is their most experienced player and they only have 3 players with over 100 IPL games experience.

dehli treemap

The treemap above shows which areas of the squad the most money was spent on. Overall it looks quite balanced spending across the whole of the squad. The most money has been spent on All rounders with strong twenty 20 all rounders like Glenn Maxwell and Chris Morris. There seem also to be a good strong spin options within the team so look out for Delhi to be strong one turning pitches.

dehli batsmen

Above is the summary of the batsmen and wicket keepers record in twenty 20. On the face of it they look a little underwhelming with the squad seeming to lack one gun twenty 20 batsmen. Overall they seem to have a few batsmen with decent twenty strike rates but seem to lacking in the ability to score big runs. This could mean this team could struggle to reverse their misfortunes in this competition.

delhi all rounders The all rounders is were the picture is slightly rosier. Delhi seem to have a good selection of all rounders who are both strong with the bat and ball with also good economy rates. This looks to be the strongest area of the team and with weak batting is an area of the team which must fire if they are going to be successful

delhi bowling

The bowling attack looks to be the weakest area of the team. With most of the bowlers in the low threat high runs box the worst box on the graph. With only one bowler who looks to be able to take wickets and keep the score in check. This is only going to further put pressure on the all rounders in the team.

Overall Delhi despite having an obvious good selection of all rounders the squad seems lacking in a few critical areas therefore I don’t think this will be the year Delhi wins the trophy.


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