Freelance Before 30 Blog 1

Hello and welcome to the start of a new series on my blog. The idea behind is that this is going to be a long running series on the blog for at least the next year and a half documenting going from an rstats novice to the fully fledged freelance data scientist. The background behind this is since finishing university 7 or 8 years ago I have been stuck in the corporate working environment and all the restrictions that entails. An environment which is very comfortable and recently I received a nice pay rise. However since learning the existence of R 3 years ago I have always felt its something interesting and wondered what the possibilities are.

Over the intervening years I made numerous attempts to start to learn it and always dropped out. This year 2018 I decided i’m actually going to apply my self and see where I can get to. I currently work as an Analyst for a utility company who have numerous renewable generation site. I really enjoy it however I think I can be challenged more. I was discussing with my significant other and we came up the the title freelance before 30. So this is my journey over the next 19 or so months.

Today we are going to look at my current progress with the Datacamp course I have been working on since the turn of the year. I had struggled to find ways to get into R and I think learning is best done not just in 1 way. So I use datacamp, i’m also a member of R4DS online learning community and I read a lot on the internet. course progress

I’m following the data science with R track on Datacamp which has 23 modules in total. Up to now I have completed 12 and the aim is to complete by end of June. The graph above shows my percentage scores for all 3 modules I have completed. I worked out the scores using what actual experience I gained against what was available for the exercise.  I’m happy with the high scores for data visualisation in ggplot as that’s the output that everyone sees. I can see though I need to do more work on the background coding aspects with intermediate R practice my lowest score. There also seems to be a bit of a split 7 modules I scored in the high 70’s and above and the other 5 which have a score around the 60’s. It would be interesting to see if there is anything that links the lower scores as that clearly something to work on if i am to get better.


Again in the summary by chapter you can see my weakness in the background programming in particularly loops. So if anyone has any ideas how i can get better at that please let me know. This series will be updated every few weeks with my progress obviously its not just about finishing the Datacamp course as that doesn’t make you a data scientist. As always any comments or thoughts please let me know or anything you want to see on the blog. Please follow so you can see when i post new blogs.



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