#TidyTuesday 1 – The best City for a Starbucks Crawl!

Hello welcome to this blog looking at what i have learned from looking at this weeks tidy Tuesday data set. If you need some background behind tidy Tuesday its a community initiative from the R4DS online learning community. If you want to get involved please look it up on twitter and join in. This week it was looking at a data set with shop location for three coffee chains: Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts and Tim Hortons. I decided to focus on Starbucks as that was more world wide rather then USA/ Canada centric.

carbon (1) Above you can see all the code I wrote for this analysis. I did add another small data set I created with cities population and size in km2.

starbucks by country

The first part I looked at was number of Starbucks by country. As you can see Starbucks have by far the most stores in the US. This isnt too suprising since the chan started in that country and its a big country. What is surprising is out of the top 5 3 of the countries are in Asia. Great Britain leads with the most amount of Coffee shops in Europe.


For the top twenty countries by number of Starbucks I also looked how the ownership type broke down. What surprised me was the low amount lof franchise ownership (only seen in France and UK). Also joint ownership seems to be employed in East Asia.

cafes by city

Next I looked at cities and ffound the top twenty cities with starbucks shops in. Note these are excluding the Chinese and Korean cities as they came up in symbols in the dataset and i couldnt work out which city they were. New York holds the record for the most Starbucks followed by London. I did question after this how size and population of each city effects it.

shops per kmpop

Finally we look at the density of Starbucks and the number per population in a city. If you don’t want to walk yourself far between coffees go to Vancouver. It averages over 1.25 shops per km squared. They also will not be too busy either with the second lowest population per cafe.  If you want to do a Starbucks crawl go to Vancouver! Also Vancouver looks to be the outlier when it comes to coffee shops per km squared with most cities less then 0.5 cafes per km squared. Is this something Starbucks aim for so the market isn’t saturated? If you have any comments thoughts please let me know would love to hear your views on this.

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