IPL 2019 – Delhi Capitals

Hello, Welcome to today’s 2019 IPL preview looking at the Delhi Capitals. The 2018 season was a year to forget for Delhi. They finished bottom of the league stage. They are also a franchise that has never won the tournament and havn’t qualified for the end of competition playoffs for 6 seasons. Is this the year that changes? they made 10 acquisitions in the auction and one in the transfer window. Is this the start of the turn around plan?


First lets look at the batting averages of the players in the squad. There is a wide spread but they don’t seem to have a batter capable of averaging over 40. A few of the all-rounders in the squad also have low averages which could effect the strength of the middle order.

Things start to look better when you look at the strike rates. Delhi have 2 of the highest striking players in this years IPL. This should mean if the players stay in they can post and chase down big scores.

The non boundary strike rate could be a weakness though. With mostly below average players meaning it looks like a team which just hits boundaries. This is not a batting line up which will rotate the strike and frustrate bowlers.


Now lets review the bowling attack. Like Chennai they seem have a reasonably threatening attack who could on paper take wickets quite often. Most of the bowlers are just above average but none are at the top tier world class talents.

Looking a the wicket batting average its probably about average for all bowlers. It certainly looks a bit better then Chennai, suggesting Delhi have a dangerous bowling attack. Based on this the bowling attack looks capable of threatening most batting line ups in the competition. This should put them in good stead as wickets are crucial for reducing the opponents scoring rate.

The bowling attack looks better when you look at the average run rate they have conceded in the IPL. Delhi have 2 bowlers with low run rates conceded and the others around average which should mean they can effectively restrict the opponents scoring.

Overall on paper the Capitals seem to have a reasonably strong team one that could help them improve on finishing bottom last season. The bowling attack in particular looks good on paper and the batting line up has players who could score big totals. I think Delhi will probably do better then bottom this year.

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