IPL 2019 – Kings XI Punjab

Hello, welcome to today’s blog continuing the series of IPL previews reviewing each teams stats before the new season. The next team up is Kings XI Punjab. This is another team like Dehli who have had limited success in the competition. They finished second bottom last season and have only twice got further then the group stage. They have recruited 13 new players for this seasons tournament with the hope of improving the teams performances.


As with the other blogs the first thing to look as is the batting averages compared to other players in Kings XI squad. It looks pretty positive. They seem to have a fairly split batting line up with number batsmen average world class levels of around 40. They also have a few others with around average batting averages. This suggest this could a be strong formidable batting line up

Strike rate also looks positive for Kings XI. They have a few players able to strike above 140 ad possibly the highest over strike rate we have seen so far. The combination of high strike rates and high batting averages should make this top 6/7 be formidable during games which should help Kings XI improve on last years performance.

Their batsmen seem to stick around for around average with a couple that generally stick around a long time however others that don’t really stick around at all. If their batsman which are more dangerous are the ones that done often stick around then this could be a big issue with the batting line up


Next we move onto the bowling attack a key facet of any twenty 20 match. First thing to look at is the wicket strike rate. How often are the bowlers taking wickets. On the face of it this looks to be a weak area for the team. Most of Kings XI points seem to be below average of performances we have seen in the IPL therefore they could struggle to take wickets

The wicket batting average is not too bad. This suggests when they do take wickets they are off generally higher quality batsmen. Maybe that’s because they don’t generally take many wickets and mostly higher order batsmen.

The conceded run rate for their bowlers also doesn’t look great. The have a number of bowlers conceding on average over 8 runs per over. This could have a big effect if you don’t restrict runs and don’t take wickets your going to find it very difficult to win matches of twenty 20.

Overall Kings XI seem to have a strong batting line up however will the what appears to be a weak bowling attack on paper let the down. I think so far they are possibly the weakest team we have seen and therefore could be in for a season of struggle. Let me know your thoughts on Kings XI squad if you think there better then I judge them at

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