IPL 2019 – Royal Challengers Bangalore

Hello, Welcome to the next preview ahead the 2019 IPL. As previously mentioned this is part of a series looking at all teams in the competition so go check the others out and let me know your thoughts on what you have seen. Next up its Royal Challengers Bangalore, led by the mercurial Virat Kohli. Royal Challengers have never won the tournament and got knocked out in the league stage last year. Will this be the year they are able to break their duck. they signed 9 players in the auction i guess in a bid to improve the team.


First thing to check is the batting line up. Not too much data exists for Bangalore as they have made a lot of additions on the batting side. That means there will be a certain unpredictability to this analysis. One thing is for certain they have 2 world class batsmen in Kohli and de Villiers as shown by the high batting averages for both players

Overall Bangalore have generally average strike rates when compared to the other batsmen in the competition. They do have one batsmen who has a strike rate around 150 which is up there with the best striking batsmen in the competition. This should help them having one player who can quickly take the game away from the opposition

Finally i’m taking a look at the average balls per innings Bangalore’s batsmen face. Not surprising really they have two batsmen who on average face over 25 balls every innings. Its like chicken and the egg do they have high averages because they face more balls or do they face more balls because of their batting averages.


Moving onto the bowling attack. this where there is much more data available so I can be more certain about conclusions. The bowling attack for taking wickets looks really good. They have 2 bowlers taking wickets at world class rates and number of others taking wickets around average which should hold them in good stead.

Next up is the average run rate conceded for the bowlers. Overall for Bangalore its OK however, they don’t have any bowlers able to restrict scoring at world class levels would could cause some issues throughout the competition.

Finally reviewing the boundary rate for the bowlers, the rate at which they concede boundaries. They have what looks like 2 groups of bowlers ones able to restrict a lot of boundaries and another group not really able to restrict boundaries at all. Maybe the split is bowlers that bowl during the middle overs and ones that bowl during the death overs.

Thats all for this review, let me know your thoughts and if i have missed anything. Also as previously mentioned check out the other teams whose your favourite?

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