IPL 2019 – Sunrisers Hyderabad

Hello, welcome ot the last in the series of preview pieces ahead of this years IPL competition. As i say all the time if oyu havent checked out others looking at each team in the competition, go check them out let me know what you think. The ifnal team is the Sunrisers Hyderabad who are led by New Zealander Kane Williamson. The have won the tournament twice with the last itme in 2016 and last year were runners up. Cant they go one better this year?


As with the previous blogs I look at the batitng strength first by looking at the batting averages of the SUnrisers players compared to the rest of the players in the IPL. Sunrisers have to world class elite batsmen by averages which should mean they are able to post big totals. However they have a few players with no data therefore there will be more uncertainty with their batting quality.

Strike rate of the batsmen in the squad are a little underwhelming. Theyu have no one able to strike above 140 and therefore if they are chasing a total and are falling behind the rate then they could struggle. Sunrisers lack the ability to change a game in a few overs its more a batting line up that will slowly accumulate runs. Is this enough to win in twenty20 cricket.

Hyderabad are also a team which has batsmen with a higher non boundary strike rate. This should mean they rotate the strike well putting the bowlers of theior lines and lengths


Moving onto reviewing the bolwing options for the Sunrisers its immediately apparent there have a wealth of bowling options. They also have a group of batsmen able to take wickets at high rates though not the highest in the competition. The amount of options should always give them a shout though.

The wicket batting average also shows that as well as taking wickets at a good rate the bowling attack is able to take wickets of elite batsmen. This is shaping up to be an impressive bowling attack that should always keep the Sunrisers in the game.

Finally lets check the average run rate conceded for the Chennai batsmen. This looks really good with a group of bowlers going at less then 7.5 runs per over. This puts them significantly above most bowlers in the competition and should mean opposition totals are kept to a minimum.

Thats it for this overview of all the squads taking part in this years IPL season. What are you thoughts? Who has the batting/bowling attack? hopefully its an exciting tournament.

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