IPL 2019 – Delhi Capitals

Hello, Welcome to today’s 2019 IPL preview looking at the Delhi Capitals. The 2018 season was a year to forget for Delhi. They finished bottom of the league stage. They are also a franchise that has never won the tournament and havn’t qualified for the end of competition playoffs for 6 seasons. Is this the […]

IPL 2019 – Chennai Super Kings

Hello, Last year I did preview pieces for all 8 of the teams taking part in the IPL, looking at the make ups of the different squads. This year I could trot out the same analysis however I want to try and improve and get better. Based on the metrics I have calculated if you […]

Tidy Tuesday Trains

Hello, Welcome to today’s blog looking at a tidy Tuesday data-set. Train delays in France. The first thing to do is to read the data into R Studio and have a look at the overview of the data: I can see the data looks broken up by year and month. Theres also different routes, the […]

The Next Chris Gayle

Hello, welcome to today’s data adventure where we are going to be scouting for the next Chris Gayle. I am going to be using K-means clustering in order to achieve this. The first question is what numbers am I going to use for this? Previously I detailed the creation of several metrics with which to […]

Twenty 20 Cricket KPI’s

Introduction Twenty 20 cricket first hit the world stage in 2003 and since then has arguably become (in some parts) the most popular form of the game. Data analysis will possibly or possibly not (it should) play a key role in squad selection. Today I am going to look at identifying a selection batting KPI’s. […]

Many Models Analysis – Milk Production

Hello, welcome to today’s data adventure which I am are going to apply the many model’s workflow to a dataset. This way you can train many models on one data set and be able to compare models easily. This has been done on the gapminder dataset many times and further reading can be found in […]

Twenty 20 Batting Performance — 2

Introduction Hello and welcome to today’s data adventure. I am going to be continuing the development of my model to predict the performance of young players at batting in twenty 20 cricket. Please check out the first blog which detailed the data I had and the initial processing of the data. Implementation 2 So the […]

Tidy Tuesday – TV Ratings

Hello, welcome to today’s R stats adventure. I am going to be looking at this weeks tidy Tuesday dataset and the challenge is to see what I can come up in an hour. So the clock just struck 6pm so better get cracking! lets read the data in: Above you can see the code to […]

Predicting Future Twenty20 Batting Performance

Hello, welcome to the next R stats adventure. I am going to be looking at developing a model which can be used to scout batsmen of the future in twenty 20 cricket. You may have seen previously (and if you haven’t go check it out) i looked at the second 11 county championship in order […]