Twenty 20 Cricket KPI’s

Introduction Twenty 20 cricket first hit the world stage in 2003 and since then has arguably become (in some parts) the most popular form of the game. Data analysis will possibly or possibly not (it should) play a key role in squad selection. Today I am going to look at identifying a selection batting KPI’s. […]

Twenty 20 Batting Performance — 2

Introduction Hello and welcome to today’s data adventure. I am going to be continuing the development of my model to predict the performance of young players at batting in twenty 20 cricket. Please check out the first blog which detailed the data I had and the initial processing of the data. Implementation 2 So the […]

Predicting Future Twenty20 Batting Performance

Hello, welcome to the next R stats adventure. I am going to be looking at developing a model which can be used to scout batsmen of the future in twenty 20 cricket. You may have seen previously (and if you haven’t go check it out) i looked at the second 11 county championship in order […]

Finding the Next James Anderson

Hello, welcome to today’s blog in which we will be scouting for the next James Anderson. Possibly. The ideas behind this blog are nothing new in fact I have stolen the idea from another sport. The Rangers report blog wrote a piece about scouting for the best youth players by using age-adjusted stats. This idea […]

IPL Preview – Sunrisers Hyderabad

Hello and welcome to the final of my previews for this years IPL. Please do go check the others in the series and let me know your thoughts and predictions. Who do you think has the best squad in the league this year? Today we are focusing on the Sunrisers Hyderabad who were founded in […]

IPL Preview – Royal Challengers Bangalore

Hello welcome to the 7th part of this series reviewing the rosters of all the IPL teams for the upcoming 2018 season. Please go and check the other posts as there’s some interesting insights to be find and let me know what you think. Today’s review we are looking at the Royal Challengers Bangalore, who […]

IPL Preview – Rajasthan Royals

Hello i’m back with the next preview for this years IPL. As i say in the start of all of these posts its part of a series please go check out the others let me know what you think and your thoughts its definitely going to be an exciting league this year.  Today we are […]

IPL Preview – Mumbai Indians

Hello and welcome to the next IPL preview. This is part of a series of 8 posts looking at all the team playing in the IPL this year trying to look at the weaknesses and strengths in each squad. All the others are on the blog so please go check them out let me know […]

IPL Preview – Kolkata Knight Riders

Hello and welcome to another of my IPL previews today’s is looking at the Kolkata Knight Riders. If you want to look at the others there all in the blog so go and check them out. The team from Kolkata have been in the competition since it was founded and won the tournament in 2012 […]

IPL Preview 3 – Kings XI Punjab

Hello welcome to the third of my previews ahead of this years IPL. If you didn’t check out the other two on the Chennai Super Kings and Delhi Daredevils then please go check them out let me know what you think. Today we look at Kings XI Punjab. The Kings are captained by R Ashwin […]