Twenty20 Data Exploratory Data Analysis 1

Hello, welcome to today’s blog which I am going to do some exploratory data analysis on data in twenty cricket. You may have seen my blogs earlier looking at twenty20 batting metrics. Well they were all calculated just as they are but its likely these will be effected by state of the match and series […]

Twenty 20 Cricket KPI’s

Introduction Twenty 20 cricket first hit the world stage in 2003 and since then has arguably become (in some parts) the most popular form of the game. Data analysis will possibly or possibly not (it should) play a key role in squad selection. Today I am going to look at identifying a selection batting KPI’s. […]

Many Models Analysis – Milk Production

Hello, welcome to today’s data adventure which I am are going to apply the many model’s workflow to a dataset. This way you can train many models on one data set and be able to compare models easily. This has been done on the gapminder dataset many times and further reading can be found in […]

Twenty 20 Batting Performance — 2

Introduction Hello and welcome to today’s data adventure. I am going to be continuing the development of my model to predict the performance of young players at batting in twenty 20 cricket. Please check out the first blog which detailed the data I had and the initial processing of the data. Implementation 2 So the […]

World Cup Group A

Hello welcome to the first of my blogs looking at each group in the world cup. Over the next 8 blogs I hope to dissect each country’s squad and finally look at their chances of progressing and winning the cup. So today we start with group A which contains hosts Russia, Uruguay, Saudi Arabia and […]

Middlesbrough Performance Review

Hello welcome to the next blog on this blog. If this is our first time here then please have a read of all the other blogs on here and let me know your thoughts anything I havent spotted or things you want looked at. Today we are going to look at the performances of the […]

Home Secretary the Poison Chalice?

Hello welcome to today’s blog. We are going to be looking to see if Home Secretary is the poison chalice job it is made out to be in the media. Recently Amber Rudd was forced to resign from the job due to being found to have lied to parliament. Many political commentators following it commented […]

Formula 1 – The Competitive Picture

Hello welcome to this blog and today we are going to look at something we havnt looked at yet in this blog. Formula 1. I have watched F1 since 1997 and often wondered when ever they say we reviewed the data, what exactly the data they review and what process they use to review it. […]

Premier League Wages Stalling?

Hello this is going to be a shorter blog then normal I just felt I had to share the early findings. Inspired by the R4DS online learning community recent tidy Tuesday article in which we looked at a dataset which had the wages of various positions in the NFL. Reviewing it showed that while some […]