Twenty20 Data Exploratory Data Analysis 2

Hello, welcome to my second in the series of in depth analysis of twenty20 cricket which I dissect the game to understand what are the key drivers for performance and what are the trends for different areas. If you didn’t see the first blog go check it out I have linked it below: The […]

IPL 2019 – Sunrisers Hyderabad

Hello, welcome ot the last in the series of preview pieces ahead of this years IPL competition. As i say all the time if oyu havent checked out others looking at each team in the competition, go check them out let me know what you think. The ifnal team is the Sunrisers Hyderabad who are […]

IPL 2019 – Royal Challengers Bangalore

Hello, Welcome to the next preview ahead the 2019 IPL. As previously mentioned this is part of a series looking at all teams in the competition so go check the others out and let me know your thoughts on what you have seen. Next up its Royal Challengers Bangalore, led by the mercurial Virat Kohli. […]

IPL 2019 – Rajasthan Royals

Hello, its time for another preview before the IPL starting tomorrow. This is part of a series which i have been reviewing certain data for all the teams taking part in the IPL in order to review team strengths and weaknesses ahead of the big tournament. The next team up is the Rajasthan Royals. They […]

IPL 2019 – Mumbai Indians

Hello, welcome to today’s IPL 2019 preview I hope you are enjoying each preview and let me know your thoughts do you agree with me or is there something I missed? Also go check out the other previews, I am reviewing every team taking part in this years competition. Today we are looking at the […]

IPL 2019 – Kolkata Knight Riders

Good Day, its today’s blog previewing the 2019 IPL competition. If you havn’t caught the others in the series then go check them out and the other 4 teams will follow over the coming days. Today though we are going to be dissecting Kolkata Knight Riders Squad. They have been champions twice with the last […]

IPL 2019 – Kings XI Punjab

Hello, welcome to today’s blog continuing the series of IPL previews reviewing each teams stats before the new season. The next team up is Kings XI Punjab. This is another team like Dehli who have had limited success in the competition. They finished second bottom last season and have only twice got further then the […]

IPL 2019 – Delhi Capitals

Hello, Welcome to today’s 2019 IPL preview looking at the Delhi Capitals. The 2018 season was a year to forget for Delhi. They finished bottom of the league stage. They are also a franchise that has never won the tournament and havn’t qualified for the end of competition playoffs for 6 seasons. Is this the […]

IPL 2019 – Chennai Super Kings

Hello, Last year I did preview pieces for all 8 of the teams taking part in the IPL, looking at the make ups of the different squads. This year I could trot out the same analysis however I want to try and improve and get better. Based on the metrics I have calculated if you […]

Twenty 20 Cricket KPI’s

Introduction Twenty 20 cricket first hit the world stage in 2003 and since then has arguably become (in some parts) the most popular form of the game. Data analysis will possibly or possibly not (it should) play a key role in squad selection. Today I am going to look at identifying a selection batting KPI’s. […]