Kaggle January Playground Series – Tidymodels

Hello, hope you have your Yorkshire tea ready this is going to be a new series on the blog in which each month I am going to be tackling Kaggles monthly playground series. Find the link to Januarys below feel free https://www.kaggle.com/competitions/playground-series-s3e1 So let’s get started EDA Above is the structure of the training dataset. […]

Sliced – New York Air BnB

Hello, welcome to todays blog which I am going to go through my attmept at sliced. If you never hear of sliced its competitive data science which you have 2 hours to create a machine learning model. Catch the show here on tuesdays late a night for us Europeans https://www.twitch.tv/nickwan_datasci One of the recent rounds […]

F1 Drivers Rated – Version 2

Hello, so a year and a half a go I created a new metric for measuring F1 drivers performance based around there performance in the race and the expected the performance in the race see blog here F1 Drivers Rated Since then my laptop BSOD’ed and me being useless I never committed the code to […]

Pole Position Prediction- A tidymodels Example

Hello readers, today’s blog I will be looking at predicting the formula 1 grid using the Tidymodels collection of R packages. The idea is to use data from the practice sessions on a Friday, to give an idea of what the grid is expected to be for the race on Sunday before qualifying on Saturday. […]