Using R and Poissance Distribution to Forecast the F1 World Championship

The excitement of Formula 1 racing lies in the intense competition between drivers and teams as they navigate the twists and turns of each race to claim the coveted championship title. In recent years, data-driven predictions have become increasingly popular in sports, and F1 is no exception. Inspired by FiveThirtyEight’s comprehensive soccer predictions, we set […]

Cricket Weighted Batting Average in R

Hello, I hope you have your Yorkshire tea ready as today I am going to be exploring weighted averages using R. I used the code above to generate the table of the top 15 players by batting average in the 2022 county championship. Now the whole point of this blog is to devise a weighted […]

Predicting Twenty 20 Cricket Result with Tidy Models

Hello, hope you have your Yorkshire tea to hand and sitting comfortably ready to read today’s blog. In it I am going to be doing some machine learning with tidymodels to predict the outcome of some twenty20 cricket matches. I am using the data from cricsheet as used in this blog and using the win […]

Australian GP FP2

Hello, this is a new series which I will be analysing the data from Friday practice at the Grand Prix. The focus is going to be on strategy so key to a Formula 1 race. This is the first version of this analysis, lookout for more information on future races Tyre Degradation Relatively low degradation […]

Rating Each Drivers 2021 Season – 10 – 1

Hello, welcome to the second part of this look at F1 Drivers performance in 2021 and this time we look at the top 10 so get your cup of Yorkshire tea at the ready! =9 Daniel Ricciardo 50% =9 Lando Norris 50% Lando Norris is a strange one. The first half of the season was […]

Rating Each Drivers 2021 Season – 20 – 11

Hello and happy new year. Hope you have a nice cup of Yorkshire tea ready to read this we are going to review each driver’s performance in the 2021 season. I’m going to do this using my expected position metric detailed here The drivers are ranked by the % of races they had a […]

F1 Strategy Analysis

I was recently browsing reddit and found this AMA from a former mercedes strategy engineer The most surprising thing was that most of the race strategy was calculated using VBA in excel. This isn’t some start up outfit this is the mighty Mercedes winners of the last 7 constructors and drivers championships. In this blog […]

Sliced – New York Air BnB

Hello, welcome to todays blog which I am going to go through my attmept at sliced. If you never hear of sliced its competitive data science which you have 2 hours to create a machine learning model. Catch the show here on tuesdays late a night for us Europeans One of the recent rounds […]