Tidy Tuesday – TV Ratings

Hello, welcome to today’s R stats adventure. I am going to be looking at this weeks tidy Tuesday dataset and the challenge is to see what I can come up in an hour. So the clock just struck 6pm so better get cracking!

lets read the data in:

Above you can see the code to read in the data from GitHub and the top of the data frame. There are 7 variables and I think the first thing to look at is to look at which TV show has the most seasons

10 Minutes

So let’s check out which are the topped ranked TV shows by the number of seasons.

As you can see the show with the most series is Law and Order. I guess one was the spin-off of the other. Midsummer murders is third and Greys Anatomy, ER and CSI joint 4th.

30 Mins

Now we are half way through I have a few questions that I want to answer. The trend for audiences over time. What happens to the audience as the show goes on and is there an audience level that is linked to more than 1 season.

So we can see that out of the 800 odd TV shows around half do not make it to a second season. Is there a rating level that means the show doesn’t make it.

40 mins

Multiple season shows generally have higher first season ratings however the difference isn’t a much as I expected. There obviously other factors that can influence this such as a show a may have just been written for one season. Now I could further investigate this by grouping by average rating and season what percent have multiple seasons at each level.

Now its 59 minutes so I’m more or less at my 60-minute limit but there’s one more thing i want to do so in the name of Mastermind I have started so I’ll finish.

Average rating increases up to season 5. After season 5 the shows generally seem to drop off, looks like lots of TV shows jump the shark in the 5th season. Quality seams to stay relatively stable however the more seasons the less data there is.

Thanks for reading. Let me know your thoughts. See you in the next data adventure.

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