World Cup Group H

Hello, welcome to the next blog in my series previewing the World Cup. All 7 other groups are looked at further in my blog so please go check them out let me know who you think the favourites are. The final group contains Columbia, Poland, Japan and Senegal. This promises to be quite an interesting group and there’s not one team that stands out as an absolute favourite.


Looking at the ages of the four squads Senegal have what looks to be the youngest squad in the group with 2 players under the age of 20 in the squad. The medians for the 4 teams, however, are about the same. Japan seems to have the highest age players but nothing too high. They all seem o have most of their players around peak ages which should mean they are in peak condition.


Looking at the caps distribution Poland looks to have the flattest range of caps with no overload of experienced or inexperienced players. The Senegal squad looks to be the least experienced squad most probably because as we have seen it has a lot of younger players. We have seen most teams in the tournament have squads with players in that have over 100 caps however it none of the squads in Group H have that.


Now the Senegal squad composition looks interesting. They don’t have too many midfielders compared to the other teams and lots of attackers. It looks like Senegal could be a fun team to watch in the tournament. The other squad’s don’t look to have too many different options with them all having the same amount of midfielders and then just a small difference between defenders and attackers.


Now finally we look at the chances of each team in the World Cup. First of all, I think its the closest group to call because the expected favourites Columbia have the lowest percent chance of all the favourites we have seen so far. Japan also could think that they have a half decent chance of getting through the group with it being so wide open. It will be fascinating to see how this group with no so-called big nations turns out. It might be the most exciting of the tournament. As for the chances of the teams, Columbia possibly has an outside chance but the none of these are among the top favourites.

That’s it for the last in this series of blogs looking at each group in the world cup. I hope you have enjoyed them and they have increased your understanding of the teams in the World Cup.

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